Cadet Information

We offer 4 cadets every year an opportunity to gain level 3 and 4 qualifications through Primary ITO. This is coupled with an amazing opportunity to gain high quality practical training from learning basic stock work in the yards to mustering by foot and horseback, shearing, general stock work, tractor work, fencing and training dogs. These skills are learnt alongside our block/stock managers and senior staff, all of this overseen by our Training Manager to assure high quality training over the 2 years.

Our cadets are housed in new purpose built single quarters where they have a bedroom each and shared bathroom, kitchen facilities and large social indoor and outdoor living areas. All cadets are rostered into teams to keep their quarters at a very high standard of cleanliness to enable cadets to show pride of their environment.

Our cadets are well fed and cared for by our onsite cook, where they are provided a packed lunch each work day and a minimum of 4 cooked evening meals per week. Weekend food and support is provided.

All cadets will abide by our basic rules, in order to gain the best possible learning and personal growth experience while at Coleridge Downs.

Each cadet is sourced a well bred Heading pup soon after arrival, we then organise training and support for them to bring their pup through to working on the farm. This is where we are extremely grateful to our local Dog Trialing expert Stu Miller, we also call on expert dog trainer and trialist Lloyd Smith who comes to work with the cadets twice per year. Stu, Lloyd and our senior staff work individually with our Cadets and their pups towards building an effective team of working dogs during their time at Coleridge Downs.

We are looking for extremely dedicated, focused, self motivated young people who hold a minimum of NCEA level 1&2 with a passion for Agriculture. Applicants must be fit, healthy and understand the outdoors, with respect for our rules and support systems. Successful applicants will display a hunger to excel in the Agricultural Sector.




  • Dinner is supplied Monday-Thursday Nights, at the Cook shop by our onsite Cook

  • Our Cook supplies packed lunches to take to work (as we all can't be in the same place for lunch)

  • Breakfast and weekend food supplies are supplied.

(Cooking lesson with Pam)

Coleridge Downs Basic Rules.pdf