farm Information


  • Coleridge Downs Ltd is owned by the Erdman family from Hawaii.

  • The Erdman's are very passionate about developing young practical, well trained, agribusiness people.

  • The Erdman's farm and live on a 20,000 acre Hawaiian ranch, farming cattle, elk, sheep, goats and also have a vineyard/restaurant.

  • The Erdman Family also own a 1200 acre farm in Oregon, farming cattle.

  • Coleridge Downs is run by a Board of Directors with 7 members. We also have a small cadet sub committee for the purpose of optimising training programme management.

COLERIDGE DOWNS Ltd is collectively made up by

  • Annavale Station

  • Big Ben Station

  • Coleridge Downs

  • Dry Acheron Station

Sheep Breed: Headwaters

We are a part of the Omega Lamb Project (Lumina Lamb), all our lambs are finished to Alliance. The Headwaters breed are Composite breed made up of Perendale, Romney, Texel and Finn. They are naturally high in Omega 3 and deliver a high quality marbled meat.

Lumina Lamb

Cattle Breed: Angus

Our male calves are grown out at Dry Acheron, under irrigated pasture. Our finished steers are sold to Five Star Beef at 12-18 months. Heifer calves are grown out at Coleridge under a techno grazing system at 550 metres above sea level. Once we have selected our replacement in calf heifers, the surplus heifers are then sold.

Deer Breed: Red Hinds x Wapiti

We have a large Deer unit at Coleridge Downs. We breed and finish all our young venison weaners to Alliance.