Dry Acheron station

Block Manager- Troy Barrell

Total Stock Units: 8,000


  • 1220ha Total

  • 395ha Delevoped Paddocks

  • 700ha Native Hill

  • Irrigation covering 135ha


  • 2100 Maternal Ewes

  • 1300 Terminal Ewes


  • 400 R1 Steer Calves

  • 50 R2 (In-calf) Heifers

  • 150 M/A Cows

Dry Acheron lies between the Rakaia River to the south and The Dry Acheron River to the west and sits at the foot of Big Ben Range. Dry Acheron is a mainly dryland hill breeding block with an intensive irrigated finishing operation on the lower flats.

The lower flats of the farm are at approx 450 metres above sea level rising to approx 800 metres above sea level on the tops.

Dry Acheron is run by Troy, with one second year cadet and other cadets where necessary.